Ensuring your workpiece is safely and securely held in place is essential at getting the right finish and the best results. At R.D. Barrett, we’ve got the UK’s largest selection of engineering tools – including a massive range of workholding solutions. You’ll find everything you need, including angle plates, lathe chucks and jaws, power chuck jaws, tailstock and machine vices. If you’re looking for high-quality and cost-effective workholding solutions for your machining operations, you’ve found it at R.D. Barrett. Read more

Bison 3505 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 3 Jaw

Bison 3505 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 3 Jaw

£842.77£12,032.33 View
Bison 3575 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 3 Jaw

Bison 3575 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 3 Jaw

£907.04£10,038.11 View
3604 Self Centring Scroll Chuck

Bison 3604 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 4 Jaw

£505.60£8,243.83 View
3604 Self Centring Scroll Chuck

Bison 3704 Steel Self Centring Precision Scroll Chuck 4 Jaw

£705.94£8,584.31 View
Bison 3864 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 6 Jaw

Bison 3864 Self Centring Scroll Chuck 6 Jaw

£1,076.40£4,797.17 View

Bison 4 Jaw Independent Chuck (Cast Iron) – 4304 Series Plain back

£669.96£3,756.02 View
Bison 4344 Independant Chuck Camlock Mount 4 Jaw

Bison 4344 Independant Chuck Camlock Mount 4 Jaw

£779.84£3,957.16 View

Bison 5818 TailStock

£420.07£750.65 View

Bison 5C Collets & Collet Sets

£21.56£991.73 View
6512 Machine Vice

Bison 6512 Machine Vice

£200.06£1,021.10 View
Bison 6516 Machine Vice with Hydraulic Spindle

Bison 6516 Machine Vice with Hydraulic Spindle

£1,196.60£1,918.69 View
Bison 6517 Camlock Machine Vice

Bison 6517 Camlock Machine Vice

£640.46£1,264.77 View

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At R.D. Barrett we’ve used our 40 years’ of experience in the trade to handpick a selection of engineering workholding products. You’ll find everything from the humble G-clamp to high-precision 4-jaw independent chuck lathes and everything else in between.

Angle plates

Angle plates are essential manufacturing and metalworking fixtures used to hold a workpiece securely in place while it’s being machined. We’ve got both fixed-angle plates and adjustable angle plates in stock and ready to ship.

Chuck backplates & adaptors

Chuck back plates mount a chuck to a lathe spindle before operation. We stock high-quality Pratt Burnerd Camlock Back Plates in a variety of standard and special chuck sizes and fittings that are perfect for your modular workholding system.


From face plates to heavy-duty G clamps, we’ve got a vast variety of clamping devices in stock and ready to go. You’ll find workholding systems and accessories from brand names including Carver, Faithfull and Moore & Wright at the best prices.

Lathe chucks & jaws

Precision engineered and built to perform, we’ve got a huge selection of lathe chucks and jaws. Whether you’re looking for a simple Bison Manual Collett chuck, self-centring 3-jaw chuck, or 4-jaw independent chuck, you’ll find it at R.D. Barrett. We’ve built a reputation for our knowledge, insight and personal service and are always on hand to discuss your workholding requirements. Our range of lathe chucks and jaws is the best in the UK, and we’re able to supply high-quality parts in a variety of sizes, in many cases delivering to your door within days.

Lifting magnets

Never struggle with flat and round section steel again. At R.D. Barrett, we stock Eclipse LM-series lifting magnets in a range of sizes. These high-quality machines use a high-intensity neodymium magnet that provides the highest power-to-weight ratio around.

Power chuck jaws

In stock at R.D. Barrett, you’ll always find a selection of hard jaws, soft jaws and pie jaws suitable for Kitagawa power chucks. The design and manufacture of these high-specification parts make them ideal for any machine shop.

Power chucks

Power chucks automatically secure a workpiece using pneumatic or hydraulic power, providing consistent pressure on the workpiece in your CNC machine. We carry exceptional quality Kitagawa power chucks, including the BB206 170mm-Large Thru-Hole Power Chuck and BB208 210mm-Large Thru-Hole Power Chuck at the lowest prices around.


Tailstocks provide extra support for your workpiece when it’s on the machine table. We have hard-wearing Bison tailstocks in a variety of centre heights, from 100mm to 250mm.


Vices are as vital as any machine tool and are an essential investment that will deliver years of faithful service. We carry drill vices, engineering vices and machine vices that will find a home in any workshop. You’ll find products from trusted brands such as Bison, Irwin Record and Rohm.

Workholding FAQs

At R.D. Barrett, we carry the UK’s largest selection of engineering tools, and through our extensive networks of suppliers, we have access to a huge range of workholding products. If you’re struggling to find the piece of equipment you need, then give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss your workholding requirements and provide you with the benefit of our insight and experience. If we can source the piece you need (and we’re pretty confident we can!), you’ll get free delivery across most of the UK when you spend over £100.

With a little bit of information on your requirements, we’re confident that we can help identify the right lathe chuck and jaws you need for any job. We’ve been providing common-sense information and advice to engineers for over 40 years, helping them to find the parts they need and we can help you too. Just send us an email or even better, pick up the phone and we can discuss your requirements today.