Dial Indicators & Stands


Dial Test Indicator Mitutoyo Finger Clock Imperial

£122.00 £91.50 View

Dial Test Indicator, Horizontal Type 0,8mm, 0,01mm. Mitutoyo Finger Clock

£85.70 £64.28 View

Linear 60mm White Dial Face Plunger Indicator DTI Metric or Imperial

£19.30£30.50 View

Linear Magnetic Base & MM DTI Gauge Kit

£64.00 £51.05 View

Magnetic Base Complete MB-1 By Noga

£36.90 £24.00 View

Magnetic Base With Fine Adjustment MB-2 By Noga

£39.40 £33.00 View

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Lug Back Plate 10mm, 0,01mm

£37.50 View

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Lug Back Plate 20mm, 0,01mm Item number: 2050S

£72.40 £54.30 View

Mitutoyo Digital Indicator DTI

£146.40 £109.80 View

Mitutoyo Imperial DTI Dial test indicator 1 Inch Travel 2416s

£70.30 £52.72 View

Mitutoyo Jointed Magnetic Stand 352mm Working Radius Item number: 7033B

£170.00 £127.50 View

Mitutoyo Magnet Stand with Flexible Arm 250mm Working Radius Item number: 7012-10

£144.00 £108.00 View

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