Carbide Inserts

At R.D. Barrett, we stock a comprehensive range of carbide inserts for precision machining and milling. Carbide inserts are built for performance, with the cutting edge effortlessly shaping the toughest materials including iron and non-ferrous heavy metals. They’re able to operate at high speeds and high temperatures, delivering a flawless finish for your workpieces. Whether you’re looking for carbide milling inserts, carbide turning inserts or carbide U-Drill inserts, you’ll find a massive range at R.D. Barrett. We also stock a selection of CBN and PCD inserts for specialist cutting applications. Read more


AOMT 1236PDTR Milling Insert 

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APKT 1003 Milling Inserts

£33.80 View

APKT 1604 Milling Inserts

£39.00£45.70 View

APMT Milling Inserts

£29.90£35.10 View

CCGT 09T3 Polished Carbide Turning Inserts for Aluminium

£38.40 View

CCGT Inserts For MINI Boring Bars By Omega

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CCMT PCD 1300 – 1500 Diamond Turning Insert for Aluminium Alloys

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CCMT Universal Positive Carbide Turning Inserts

£26.00£36.40 View

‎CCMT-14 IC20 Turning Inserts By Iscar

£32.50£52.00 View

CCMT-14 IC5005 Turning Inserts By Iscar

£45.50£51.67 View

‎CCMT-14 IC807 Turning Inserts By Iscar

£42.25£47.77 View

CCMT-14 IC830 Turning Inserts By Iscar

£42.25£68.58 View

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Carbide Inserts

Carbide inserts are indexable pieces of cemented carbide used for machining, face milling, cutting and finishing. They can be used to finish a range of materials, including stainless steel and cast iron. When searching for the correct carbide insert, you’ll need to know its Turning Tool ISO reference. The ISO number provides crucial information on the clamping method, insert shape, holder style and much more. You can learn more about how to identify carbide inserts by reading our in-depth article covering the subject, including the insert grade, insert style, tool holder and more.

Carbide milling inserts

Carbide milling inserts are used to provide precision cutting in milling machines. We stock a vast range of carbide milling inserts in different grades and sizes. We have products in stock and ready to ship from leading manufacturers such as Edgetech, Europa and Pramet.

Carbide turning inserts

Carbide turning inserts are used to remove material from a workpiece with a leading edge. We sell a selection of carbide turning inserts suitable for precision work, including aerospace applications. You’ll find cutting tools from brands such as Edgetech, Edge Tec, Europa and ISCAR.

Carbide U-Drill inserts

We carry the exceptional ET602 Grade SPMX U-Drill inserts that are engineered for high-performance and optimal thermal resistance. The tough carbide substrate is ideal for demanding drilling applications.

CBN inserts

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts are increasingly popular among engineers who want precision cutting while working at high temperatures. We have CBN inserts suitable for cutting hardened steel in a broad range of shapes and sizes in-stock and ready to ship.

Parting inserts

Carbide parting inserts are ideal for parting off, grooving and turning workpieces made of tough materials. We’re confident the ISCAR TAG IC908 Parting Inserts range provides exceptional performance at a competitive price.

PCD inserts

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) turning inserts are designed for machining materials such as aluminium. We carry a selection of APT PCD inserts that are built to machine aluminium alloys, delivering perfect finish to your workpiece.

Threading inserts

We carry a massive choice of threading inserts, including internal and external threading inserts for precision cutting and machining. We carry a full range of ISCAR threading inserts suitable for general industrial use with a range of materials and machining conditions.

Carbide Inserts FAQs

To identify the carbide insert you need, you’ll need to use the Turning Tool ISO code system. This system provides details on all aspects of the insert, it’s holder and their lengths. If you’ve already got a carbide insert to hand, you can use the Tuning Tool ISO number to order a replacement. If not, then check out our guide on how to identify carbide inserts or give us a call.

At R.D. Barrett, we carry the UK’s largest selection of engineering tools, and through our extensive networks of suppliers, we have access to a huge range of carbide insert and machine tools. If you’re unable to find the size or style of insert that you need online, then give us a call or send us an email. We’re able to source parts from across our range of suppliers, and in many cases, have these delivered to you within days. Spend over £99, and you’ll qualify for free delivery too.

Carbide inserts are used to accurately machine metals, including steels, carbon, cast iron, high-temperature alloys and other non-ferrous metals. As well as standard carbide inserts, we all stock CBN inserts and PCB inserts that can be used for precision machining materials such as hardened steel and aluminium alloys.