At R.D. Barrett, you’ll always find a huge selection of milling cutters, including both end mills and face mills that are suitable for precision machining in general industrial use, and demanding applications such as aerospace. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of milling cutters and engineering cutting tools, we carry cutters from trusted brands including AP, Clarkson, Edgetech and Europa. If you’re searching for some guidance on selecting the right milling cutter for your machine and your application, then contact us today. We’re always happy to share our advice gained from over 30 years’ in the business. We’re able to offer nationwide delivery on all orders over £99. Read more


2 Flute Carbide Drill Mill By Europa 197303

£23.16£148.84 View

2 Flute Long Series K30 Carbide Slot Drill 302303 By Europa

£11.55£222.50 View

2 Flute Long Series K30 Coated Carbide Slot Drill 302323 By Europa

£16.56£247.34 View

2 Flute Tialn Coated Ball Nose Cutters 313323 By Europa

£10.09£162.53 View

4 Flute HSS-Co8 Corner Rounding End Mill – Weldon By Europa

£24.42£210.95 View

4 Flute Long Series End Mill Plain Shank Coated By Europa 311323

£16.56£247.34 View

4 Flute Standard K30 Carbide Plain Shank End Mill 310303 By Europa

£5.82£133.80 View

45º Positive Insert Face Milling Cutters By Edgetech

£140.38£637.89 View
Clarkson M42 HSSCo 2 Flute Milling Cutter - TiAIN Coated

Clarkson M42 HSSCo 2 Flute Milling Cutter – TiAIN Coated By Europa

£10.41£39.68 View
Clarkson M42 HSSCo 2 Flute Milling Cutter

Clarkson M42 HSSCo 2 Flute Milling Cutter By Europa

£5.65£21.52 View
Clarkson M42 HSSCo 3 Flute Milling Cutter - TiAIN Coated

Clarkson M42 HSSCo 3 Flute Milling Cutter – TiAIN Coated By Europa

£15.29£55.52 View
Clarkson M42 HSSCo 3 Flute Milling Cutter

Clarkson M42 HSSCo 3 Flute Milling Cutter By Europa

£11.32£34.62 View

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Milling Cutters

Precision CNC machines use milling cutters to remove material from a workpiece. They can be used for both roughing and finishing, and are highly durable providing hours of service if cared for properly. Milling cutters can work at different cutting speeds, with the milling bit enabling high performance milling of even the toughest of materials.

There is a massive variety of milling cutters available, including end mills, face mills, ball cutters, slab mills, slot drills, side and face cutters, and more. As well as milling cutters in different shapes and sizes, you will also find them made from other materials, such as cobalt or solid carbide. Milling cutters are designed to be used for specific applications, including high speed milling, high feed milling and chamfer milling.

At R.D. Barrett, we carry a vast selection of high quality milling cutters from a range of leading brands suitable for all types of industrial machining. We pride ourselves on having access to the UK’s most extensive stock of milling cutters and precision engineering tools. If we don’t carry it in stock, we can get it from our extensive range of suppliers, with free delivery in the UK when you spend over £99.

Let’s look at our range of milling cutters in greater detail.

HSS & Cobalt Milling Cutters

Cobalt and HSS milling cutters provide excellent performance at an attractive price point. They are suitable for machining carbon steels, alloy steels, copper, brass, aluminium and cast iron. We stock a massive variety of high speed steel (HSS) and cobalt milling cutters in a range of lengths and diameters from manufacturers you can trust, such as Dumont, Clarkson and Europa. We work with a range of trusted suppliers to bring our HSS and cobalt machine tools to you at the best prices.

Indexable Milling Cutters

Indexable mills provide a highly cost-effective way to machine workpieces. It explains why our range of indexable end mills is so popular. We supply our customers with various indexable cutters, including square shoulder milling cutters, positive insert face milling cutters and engraving and chamfering tools at competitive prices. Brands we stock include APT, Edgetech, Pramet, ISCAR and Omega.

Solid Carbide Cutters

Solid carbide cutters are designed for the precision cutting and milling of the toughest of materials. Our solid carbide cutters will provide a precision finish to aluminium, copper, graphite, plastics, stainless steel and titanium. Built to narrow production tolerances, you can find a selection of solid carbide milling cutters from trusted manufacturers, including Europea, Marwin and Mastermill in a variety of sizes and fixings. These tool bits and milling tools have toughened cutting edges that reduce chatter and vibration and extend tool life.


Milling FAQs

At R.D. Barrett, we carry the UK’s largest selection of engineering tools in stock and ready to go. If we don’t have the part in stock, we can source it from our extensive network of suppliers. You’ll also benefit from free delivery if you spend over £99 too.

If you can’t find the product you need online or require some support in identifying the correct milling cutter or milling machine tool, then contact us. We’re always ready and willing to help. We’ll ask you a few questions, including what machining centre you’re using and what material you are machining to help narrow down our search. Our trained and experienced staff are experts in engineering tools, with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Together, we’ll find the right part for you and your process.

Yes. We offer free delivery on all engineering tools, including milling cutters, when you spend over £99. If the part you need is in stock, it can usually be dispatched that day.