Lathe Tools

We stock a huge range of lathe tools for all applications, from leading manufacturers including ISCAR, Linear and Omega. Whether you’re looking for lathe cutting tools, metal lathe tools or indexable lathe tools, you’ll find them at R.D. Barrett alongside a massive range of lathe accessories. We’ve got access to the UK’s largest selection of boring bars, hose kits, threading tools, turning tools and parting tools at great prices. Read more


1/2 Hose Round Nozzles Linear Loc-Line

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1/4 Hose Round Nozzles Linear Loc-Line

Original price was: £5.20.Current price is: £4.16. View

11′ of Linear Loc-Line Hose

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16mm Mini Carbide Boring Bar Holders By Omega

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90* Degree Nozzle Kit Linear Loc-Line

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AA Knurls for M19 Internal Knurling Tool By Integi KW25C11

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Axial / Radial 25mm Boring Bars for F1-25 Boring Head

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Carbide Through Coolant boring Bar Set By Omega

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Circular Flow Nozzle Kit Linear Loc-Line

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Coolant Hose Assembly Pliers Linear Loc-Line

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Coolant Starter Kit Linear Loc-Line

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Coolant Y Fitting Linear Loc-Line

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Lathe Tools

There are a massive variety of lathe tools that can be used for a variety of work processes. At R.D. Barrett we always carry a variety of lathe tools including boring bars, hose kits, lathe threading tools, lathe turning tools and parting tools. Below you can learn more about our current lathe tool range.

Lathe Boring Bars

Boring bars are standard lathe cutting tools that can be used to remove material, to enlarge the internal diameter of an object or to cut a dimension to exact tolerances. Their circular bar design makes them instantly recognisable. Our Omega range of boring bars provide exceptional boring and profiling and come in a range of sizes and dimensions. The precision Omega C-SCLCR/L 95° CC– SOLID CARBIDE BORING BAR, for example, is used with a screw clamp to ensure rigidity. As well as individual boring bars, we also sell kits such as the Omega Axial / Radial 5 Piece Boring Bar Set 18mm which includes five boring bars with ISO inserts suitable for F1-18 Head.

Lathe Hose Kits

Lathe hoses play a crucial role in keeping your lathe cool, spraying out low-pressure oil, emulsion, air and water onto the metalworking tools fitted to your CNC machine. We stock a huge range of lathe hose kits, including valves, hoses, connectors and fittings. We sell a complete Linear ½ Loc-Line kit, which includes a range of hoses, connectors, valves and a set of pliers in a handy carry case.

Lathe Threading Tools

Lathe thread cutting tools are fitted to a lathe and used to cut threads into metal. They can be used to cut internal threads in a workpiece or to add an external thread to an existing component. These precision tools are pushed hard, with the cutting nose of the threading tool is small and weaker than other lathe cutting tools. We stock a range of internal and external threading tool holders in a wide range of sizes. The Omega CER/L – EXTERNAL THREADING TOOL HOLDER – ER22/27 – TOP CLAMP, for example, is available in both CER or CEL and can be used with ER22 inserts & ER27 external inserts.

Lathe Turning Tools

Lathe turning tools come in two varieties: rough turning tools and finishing turning tools. Rough facing tools are used to rapidly cut away the maximum amount of metal as quickly as possible. Finishing tools are then used to create a smooth and accurate finished component. The choice of lathe turning tool depends on the application and the machine. We stock an exceptional range of lathe turning tools from leading brands such as Linear, Pramet and Omega.

Lathe Parting Tool

Parting tools can be used to provide a consistent and smooth finish to your workpiece. They’re typically used when completing detailed exterior work, parting, grooving and cutting components. In stock, you’ll always find a superb range of lathe parting tools from manufacturers such as Iscar, Linear and Omega. The ISCAR TGFH Parting Blade For TAG Inserts 3mm or 4mm, for example, can be used at very high rates, providing an excellent straightness and surface finish to machined parts.

Lathe Tools FAQs

With so many lathe tools on the market, it can be hard to choose the right piece for your job or machine. At R.D. Barrett we offer all of our customers friendly and impartial advice on all types of engineering tools, including lathe tools. We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of products and manufacturing processes, so if you need any advice on selecting the right lathe tool, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

While our website includes a selection of lathe tools, we’re not able to feature every item that we stock. If you are looking for a particular type of lathe tool or have a specific requirement, please get in touch. We hold the UK’s largest stock of engineering tools. If we don’t have it in stock, we can source speciality lathe tools quicker than our competitors too at the best prices.