APKT 1604 Milling Inserts

l=15.2mm d1 = 9.4 t = 5.3 r = radius  

APKT 1604 Milling Inserts - APKT-16

APKT 1604 Milling Inserts

  • APKT 1604 Universal Milling Inserts for Steel, Stainless, Exotics & Cast Iron 
  • Helical cutting edged.
  • High 90° shoulder accuracy and surface quality inserts.
  • Used for general applications.
  • Compatible with other manufacturers holders


  • ET602 grade: PVD coating with optimal thermal resistance and added strength. Tough carbide substrate designed for demanding applications in milling and drilling.
  • ET20P grade Optimized milling grade for Aluminium with unique CrN based coating with Highly Polished Finish


  • AL Chip breaker for Aluminium
  • MS Chip breaker For Stainless steels and HRSA
  • PDTR 1st choice Chip breaker  good all rounder
Brand Edgetech, Europa