Absolute digital Calliper 12″/300mm By Mitutoyo 500-193-30

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Dial Test Indicator Mitutoyo Finger Clock Imperial 513-402-10T

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Dial Test Indicator, Horizontal Type 0,8mm, 0,01mm. Mitutoyo Finger Clock 513-404-10E

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Digital ABS Height Gauge 0-24″, with Handwheel By Mitutoyo

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Magnetic Stand By Mitutoyo 7010s-10

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Magnetic Stand with Fine Adjustment 160mm Working Radius Item number: 7015-10 By Mitutoyo

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Mitutoyo 0-150mm Absolute AOS Digimatic Caliper

Mitutoyo 0-150mm Absolute AOS Digimatic Vernier Caliper 500-196-30

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Mitutoyo 500-182-30 (0.01mm) Digital ABS Caliper Blade w/o output 0-200mm

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Mitutoyo Depth Base Attachment for Caliper, 75mm width for 100, 150, 200mm range

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Mitutoyo Depth Micrometer 0-25mm, 63mm Base 128-101

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Mitutoyo Dial Indicator DTI Clock, Has Lug Back Plate 10mm, 0,01mm Model No 2046a

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Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Lug Back Plate 20mm, 0,01mm Item number: 2050

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