Absolute digital Calliper 12″/300mm By Mitutoyo


Absolute digital Calliper 12″/300mm By Mitutoyo - 500-193

  • Mitutoyo Absolute digital Calliper
  • Description
  • This digi-matic calliper allows you to take reliable measurements and offers you the following benefits:
  • AOS (Advanced Onsite Sensor) induction type encoder used in top-of-the-line ABS coolant-proof callipers.
  • Thanks to the adoption of the electromagnetic induction type ABS encoder, this calliper can be used without concern for contamination on the scale face during measurement. Detection signal is not affected by dirt (water, oil, etc.) on surface of a scale.
  • The slider provides smooth, stable and comfortable operation.
  • Character height: 9 mm (150 and 200 mm), 11 mm (300 mm)
  • ABS (ABSOLUTE) scale requires no origin setting after power-on and has no limit to response speed.

Brand Mitutoyo