VNMG 1604 Universal Carbide Turning Inserts

  • l=16mm
  • d=9.53mm
  • t=4.76mm
  • r= Radius
  • Come in Pks of 10

VNMG 1604 Universal Carbide Turning Inserts - VNMG 1604

Universal grade VNMG negative turning inserts

  • ET801 Suitable for machining steels, stainless steels, cast iron and exotics
  • ET33C Ideal for machining on Stainless steels
  • ET1001 Ideal for machining Cast Iron
  • Suitable for continuous or light intermittent cutting
  • Special sub-micron PVD coated grade ET801
  • Special CVD TiCAN-Al2O3 Coating on grade ET33C
  • BG Chip-breaker Medium Cutting Conditions First Choice
  • BF Chip-breaker for Finishing
  • MM Chip-breaker Medium Cutting Stainless steels
  • BC Chip-breaker Cutting¬† Cast Iron
  • BR Chip breaker Roughing and Interrupted cutting


Brand Edgetech, EdgeTec, Europa
VNMG 1604