ODMT 060508 Milling Inserts

  • I = 6.6MM
  • D = 15.88
  • S = 5.5MM
  • R = 0.8MM
  • Pack of 10 Inserts

ODMT 060508 Milling Inserts - ODMT

ODMT06 Universal Milling Inserts for Steel, Stainless, Exotics & Cast Iron 

Universal grade ODMT060508 milling insert.

  • Suitable for machining steels, stainless steels, cast iron and exotics
  • Ideal for DRY machining on steels
  • Special sub-micron PVD coated grade ET602
  • Compatible with Walter and other manufacturers holders
  • ET602 grade: PVD coating with optimal thermal resistance and added strength. Tough carbide substrate designed for demanding applications in milling and drilling.

Brand Edgetech