StepPower Drill 1-10mm Set By Guhring


StepPower Drill 1-10mm Set By Guhring - 9501

  • A must for every toolbox.
  • 1-10mm X 0.5 STEPPOWER DRILL SET
  • StepPower is the perfect tool for precise drilling with a cordless screwdriver or handheld drill –
    without punching or pre-drilling.
  • The innovative step geometry ensures that the material is gradually
    removed until the desired diameter is achieved. This makes for effortless drilling without exerting
    force and saves battery power.
  • The stepped twist drill allows the drilling of virtually burr-free holes in all common materials such as
    hardwood, plastic or metal.
  • The tool also easily drills composite materials.
  • This makes StepPower an indispensable all-rounder for every workshop and construction site.