Spade Drill Inserts By Europa

  • .5mm and Imperial Sizes available on Request
  • Inserts are compatible with other manufacturer's holders including Arno Shark Drill, Cutwel and the Maxcut TA Drill.
  • Sizes from 9mm to 115mm  in Stock Please contact our Sales Team for a Quote

Spade Drill Inserts By Europa - SPADE DRILL INSERTS

  • T15 HSS TILAN Coated
  • For use in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and High Nickel alloys
  • Reduce set-up time, easily replaced on the machine.
  • Wide range of inserts suitable for drilling all materials.
  • Reduces tooling cost. One holder will hold many different inserts.
  • Holders available with taper & straight shanks.
  • Straight shank holders have through coolant.
  • Mt holders require a coolant Ring
  • Reduces need for regrind of large drills just replace insert.
Brand Europa
Spade Drill size