Solvent Lubricants Plus FT400 Tramp Oil Belt Skimmer 240V By Filtermist

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  • Rotating belt removes tramp oil from surface of cutting fluid.
  • Extends coolant life.
  • Reduces smell and risk of dermatitis.
  • Overall belt length: 800 mm
  • This unit will remove up to 4 litres per hour and is capable of running continuously.
  • Belt width 40mm.
  • Max insertion depth 150mm*

Solvent Lubricants Plus FT400 Tramp Oil Belt Skimmer 240V By Filtermist - FT400


Tramp oils help form the scum layer on the coolant, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. Aside from creating a health and safety hazard and reducing lubrication qualities of the coolant, this can often result in a pungent odour that leads to extremely unpleasant working conditions.

Tramp oil can greatly reduce the quality of coolant, resulting in excessive tool wear and machined components with poor surface finish. These reductions in coolant quality are also frequently responsible for inconsistent machining tolerances and overall reductions in machine efficiency

Tramp oil is also one of the main causes of dermatitis in workshops due to components in machine lubricants being highly irritating to the skin. It also facilitates the growth of bacteria in coolant, and the resulting odour can make working conditions very unpleasant.

Efficient removal of tramp oil is therefore of vital importance in avoiding health and safety problems, maintaining high quality machining performance and creating a working atmosphere that will not cause poor morale among-st employees.