Solid Carbide BSP Thread Mills By Europa

  • Application
  • For internal threads with BSP (Internal Thread 2xD Max Depth)
  • Benefits
  • Simplifies tool selection.
  • One thread mill can be used for through holes and blind holes.
  • Produces threads with superior unified form, flank finish and dimensional accuracy.
  • Pitch diameter can be controlled by CNC machine radius offset, eliminating the need for special or over-size taps.
  • One thread mill can produce varying thread diameters of the same pitch.
  • Small machines can produce larger threads because they require less spindle torque.
  • No high-performance lubricants required, eliminating the need to stop the machine to apply tapping lubricants by hand

Solid Carbide BSP Thread Mills By Europa - 183523

  • Solid Carbide BSP Thread Mills
  • Coated Solid Carbide

Thread Size
Brand Europa