SIP Radiant Fireball Propane Heater By SIP 09314


SIP Radiant Fireball Propane Heater By SIP 09314 - 09314

  • The SIP FIREBALL RP15 Radiant Propane Heater is a compact and portable propane heater designed to quickly and effectively heat small-sized workshops and garage spaces with good ventilation.
  • Designed to radiate infrared heat to warm objects and surfaces directly, rather than heating the surrounding air.
  • This no mains supply solution delivers powerful and continuous heating.


  • Maximum infrared heating output for 15,000BTU/hr (4.7kW)
  • Push-button Piezo ignition for safe, reliable, easy start-up
  • Adjustable gas flow control optimises heating output
  • A 90° tilting head allows heat direction adjustment
  • Tip-over and flame-out safety device for added protection
  • Compact and lightweight design for outstanding portability