SIP Air Nibbler 01616 by SIP

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SIP Air Nibbler 01616 by SIP - 01616

  • The SIP Air Nibbler is an essential tool for working on sheet metal with reliable precision, including cutting clean holes and curves, tight radius circles, and contoured or intricate shapes. The cutting action leaves a smooth, burr-free edge and no distortion, meaning there is less need for further finishing afterwards.
  • A 3500spm operating speed means sheet metal can be processed efficiently in garage and workshop applications, cutting 18 gauge mild steel or aluminium up to 1.2mm.


  • 3500spm for powerful performance in all applications
  • 1.2mm (18 GAUGE) cutting of mild steel and aluminium sheets
  • Ideal for working on sheet metal, cutting quickly and efficiently
  • Perfect for tight radius circles, clean holes, curves and contours
  • Smooth, burr-free edge with no distortion means less finishing required
  • Lightweight and compact design for added user comfort
Brand SIP Industrial