SIP 3700w Induction Heater 01157 by SIP

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SIP 3700w Induction Heater 01157 by SIP - 01157

  • The SIP 3700w Induction Heater is perfect for releasing seized fixings, components and parts from vehicles and is suitable for manufacturing processes such as interfence fittings, metal shrinking and heat treatment. This induction heater is designed for use in automotive and engineering workshop environments.
  • A liquid cooling system allows the induction torch to safely reach temperatures of 1000°C within 30 seconds. This prevents the cable and torch from overheating, which maximises performance and protects the user’s hands from the heat produced.
  • This plug-and-play solution uses an all-electric process which offers greater levels of safety compared to oxyacetylene and other methods which use a naked flame.


  • Powerful and compact (3700w)
  • Reaches temperatures of 1000°C in 30 seconds
  • Liquid-cooled induction cable and torch
  • Integrated fan-cooled radiator
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use design
Brand SIP Industrial