SIP 1500w Induction Heater Kit 01156 by SIP

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SIP 1500w Induction Heater Kit 01156 by SIP - 01156

  • The SIP 1500w Induction Heater Kit is ideal for heating and releasing rusted-on or hard-to-remove parts such as nuts, bolts and fastenings. Designed for use in garages, workshops or automotive environments.
  • Easy to control and extremely efficient, this induction heater kit reaches temperatures of 800°C within 20 seconds. This plug-and-play solution uses an all-electric process which offers greater safety levels compared to oxyacetylene and others which use a naked flame.


  • Powerful and compact (1500w)
  • Reaches temperatures of 800°C in 20 seconds
  • 4-piece induction kit supplied
  • Easy-to-use, simple to power design
  • Lightweight and portable with strap
Brand SIP Industrial