SIP 12v Pro Booster 2513 07172 by SIP

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SIP 12v Pro Booster 2513 07172 by SIP - 07172

  • The SIP 12v Pro Booster 2513 is purpose-designed for safe and efficient boosting while offering durability in all environments, utilising robust clamps and copper-cored cables, shockproof ABS casing, and reverse polarity protection with added audible alert.
  • Perfect for boosting ATVs, motorcycles, and cars.


  • 2500A boost peak rate and 850A cranking rate
  • Rechargeable AGM portable pack for boost-starting
  • 12v DC output socket for charging electronic devices
  • Robust and shockproof ABS casing for high durability
  • Reverse polarity protection with audible alert
Brand SIP Industrial