Heli-coil Thread Repair Kits By Volkel

  • Imperial Sizes also available, please call our Sales Team for Quotes.

Heli-coil Thread Repair Kits By Volkel - v-coil helicoil thread repair

V-Coil Thread Repair Kits

  • V-Coil thread repair kit containing everything required to repair a damaged thread or strengthen
    an existing thread.
  • Each kit contains wire thread inserts (qty depends on the thread size)
  • M2 To M8 20 inserts
  • M9 To M10 15 inserts
  • M11 To M16 10 inserts
  • M18 and above¬† 5 insert
  • Drill bit (up to & Including M12)
  • Highspeed steel intermediate STI hand tap, combo tap and insert installation tool, magnetic tang break tool.



Brand V-COIL
Thread Size