Noga S Multi Blade Pack BS9999

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  • Safety Information
  • Blades should be handled carefully as they are sharp and can cut
  • Blades can break causing flying objects
  • Sharp edges and flying objects can cause injury
  • Users and bystanders should wear protective safety glasses
  • Do not pry or bend blades
  • Keep blades and sharp tools away from children
  • Do not regrind blades as this will weaken the blade and cause breakage and possible injury

Noga S Multi Blade Pack BS9999 - BS9999

  • This set contains 10 different Deburring Blades which
    will cover a wide range of Deburring applications.
  • The set provides a quick method of testing which blade
    will be suitable, prior to ordering a full pack of 10
    pieces or for just selecting the correct blade for small
    deburring operations.
  • Set Contains: 1 each of the following Blades,
  • S10: For Steel, Aluminium and Plastics
  • S10S: For Stainless Steel and Plastics
  • S20: For Brass and Cast Iron
  • S30: For Internal and External Burrs
  • S35: For straight edges on most materials
  • S60: For cross holes in difficult places
  • S70: For straight edges
  • S101: For fine edges on all materials
  • S150: For small Holes 1.5mm and larger
  • S202: For Brass and Cast Iron Fine Edges
    The set is supplied in a fitted plastic case complete
    with a Blade identification chart
Brand Noga