Himalayan 4314 Unisex Black Toe Capped Safety Trainers


Himalayan 4314 Unisex Black Toe Capped Safety Trainers - 4314

  • The Bounce safety trainers are from the GO work collection from Himalayan.
  • GO work is a range of safety footwear designed with a specific brief: to reduce tiredness (fatigue) often associated with wearing stiff, traditional safety footwear for long periods of time.
  • This fatigue stresses feet, ankles and legs right up to the lower back and can make wearing safety footwear tiring and uncomfortable.
  • The Bounce range is designed with comfort, style and safety in mind but most of all they are fun to wear.
  • Using a combination of breathable heavy duty fabric uppers and moisture wicked air-tex lining for maximum comfort they feel like a traditional pair of trainers.
  • However, the secret to the Bounce comfort is the Ultimate Energy Return (UER) memory foam.
  • Located on top of the newly designed, white upper sole unit, the UER absorbs shocks when walking or even standing on rough terrain, and reduces their impact to the heel area of the foot.
  • Metal Free Toe Cap
  • Midsole ESD
  • Slip Resistant Sole
  • 200°C
  • Anti-Static
Brand Himalayan
Uk Size