Engineers Black Book USA NEW 3rd Edition By Sutton

  • Product Details:
  • USA Edition (Not the Metric Edition)
  • Provides:Drawing Standards Formula, Spur Gear Calculations, Nuts, Bolts, Plastics, Tolerances, Adhesives, G Codes, Hardening ,Tempering, Surface Coatings, Equivalent Charts, Keys, Key ways,Tapping Drill Sizes,Tapers, Sheet Metal, Wire Gauges,Tungsten Carbide, Weights of Metals, Grinding Wheels, Conversion Factors, Speeds, Feeds, Lubricants and Coolants

Engineers Black Book USA NEW 3rd Edition By Sutton - EBB3INCH

Brand Overview:

  • Engineers Black Book is a pocket-sized reference book for machinists, engineers and designers.
  • It contains data sheets, formulae, reference sheets, common conversion factors and information about different tools and industrial/engineering materials and processes.
  • The book is compact and lightweight and comes with durable and tear-resistant pages.
  • Please note this is the Imperial Only Version

Product Details:

EBB3INCH Engineers Black Book is a reference guide that contains information like charts, tables, formulae and conversions related to engineering and machining. It gives quick access to important data to save time and make more accurate calculations.


  • This pocket-sized book fits in one hand and can be carried easily to worksites.
  • It features a WIRE-O binding system to lay the book flat and read it fully without missing any information near the book’s spine.
  • It has grease-resistant pages to avoid stains.
  • This 3rd-edition book has anti-glare properties for easy reading under bright lights.



Brand Sutton