Dormer Pramet Chamfering Tool & TCMT 16T308E Inserts


Dormer Pramet Chamfering Tool & TCMT 16T308E Inserts - Chamfer-KIT

  • Dormer Pramet Chamfering Kit – Chamfering Tool & 10x TCMT 16T308E Inserts
  • Used for chamfering holes, or component profiles
  • Capable of chamfering holes in one action from 11mm to 31mm in diameter.
  • TCMT inserts provide 3 cutting edges for improved Economy.
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • The T8330  PVD coated grade is suitable for stainless steel, steel and cast iron, potentially non-ferrous, super alloys and hard materials.
  • The FM Chip Breaker is used for Finishing & semi-roughing chip breaker for steel and stainless, possibly cast iron.

    Whats Included in the Kit
  • 1x 2516-45-11 chamfering tool Comes on a 16mm Weldon Shank & Takes 2 inserts
  • 10x TCMT 16T308E-FM T8330 insert
  • Torx Key