Dormer 5 piece Centre Drill Sets A296

  • A296-200 Din 1-4 Centre Drills
  • A296-225 BS1-5 Centre Drills
  • Both sets contain 5 Drills

Dormer 5 piece Centre Drill Sets A296 - A296

Dormer A296 series HSS Centre Drill Bit Set


  • Dormer A296 sets of professional HSS drill bits designed with spiral flutes and various lengths and forms to give maximum performance and excellent-quality centre holes that suit most applications.
  • Bits are suitable for a multitude of jobs and materials feature a straight shaft compared to that can be used in both hand and machine drills.
  • Suitable for drilling metal, wood and plastic along with a range of other materials, HSS drill bits feature right-hand cutting tip with 120° cutting angle.
  •  The set is supplied in a handy plastic case.


Brand Dormer