Selecta 5L Pressure Sprayer GOI01SELECT7


Selecta 5L Pressure Sprayer GOI01SELECT7 - GOI01SELECT7

  • The Selecta 7 Spray System is not only robust, but has an adjustable nozzle, 6-9 inches (150mm-225mm), which ejects a fine spray to ensure even coverage It is ideal for use with all types of cleaning and disinfection detergents, and can also be used for solvent-based products. A great all round sprayer that can be used for many applications around the home and garden and also in industrial environments for more challenging tasks.

    Max Capacity: 5L
    Ergonomic Handle.
    Carrying Straps.
    Socket to fit accessories.
    Barcode: 84.14685.10079.5
    Country of Origin: Spain